An etchant is a key material of the photolithography process that   removes a specific substance on a thin film by a chemical reaction and   is the main raw material used in an etching process.  We are supplying   AF (Ammonium fluoride), ABF (Ammonium bifluoride), NaF (Sodium   fluoride) to the domestic market.

Bromine / Chlorine / Hydrocarbon / Fluorine

We have a diverse lineup of detergent products, and are striving to   develop and disseminate detergents that are harmless to the human   body and prevent ozone layer destruction and global warming in   consideration of enhanced environmental regulations.

 In particular, we have an exclusive domestic sales rights of Solkane ®   365mfc, which is widely used as a detergents in fine chemicals, and   furthermore, we are developing various eco-friendly detergents.