Isocyanate (Aromatic)

1) 1.Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate(MDI) is an essential raw material for polyurethane resin manufacturing. It is used for Monomeric MDI (CASE), Polymeric MDI (Insulation Material), and Modified MDI (Adhesive).

2) Toluene diisocyanate(TDI) is a key raw material of flexible polyurethane foam, which is used in automobile and ship interior materials, construction, furniture and adhesives, and floor waterproofing materials.

Polyol (PPG)

Polyol, along with MDI, is a key raw material for polyurethane production and is used in various products such as slab, mold, case, and rigid.

Blowing Agent

Polyurethane foam can be manufactured by creating chemical reactions of the water and isocyanate, and by using blowing agent to obtain physical foaming reaction.

Chlorine compounds are limited to usage because they affect the destruction of the ozone layer, and there are alternative blowing agents such as cyclopentane and others.

Flame Retardant (Flame-retardant)


TCPP is a liquid phosphorus flame retardant used for hard (PUR / PIR) and soft PU foams.


 Triethyl Phosphate (TEP) is a non-halogen flame retardant. It is used in a variety of formulas with low viscosity. It is used as a rigid foam and board (PUR / PIR), rubber, plastic and stabilizer.

Flame Retardant Polypole

Ixol® series is a product that adds flame retardant performance to polyether polyol itself through flame retardant addition reaction through bromination to the molecular structure.


Surfactant is a type of additive that affects the cell structure of foam, such as the mixing of raw materials and bubble stability.


It accelerates or delays chemical reactions, and it is a substance  that does not have any reaction by itself.  It is used in various fields  such as hard / case / shoesole / polyurea.