Soo Kyung Chemical have been supplying applied chemical materials, which are the basis of the industry, by manufacturing and/or importing them to domestic and overseas markets. Since the establishment in 2007, we have been focusing on the development of polyurethane, refrigerant gas, and renewable energy (rechargeable batteries, solar wafers, hydrogen gas). In particular, the development of renewable energy is a new demand in the field of eco-friendly chemical materials and it is the foundation for growth with customers in order to create a stable and long-term supply chain.

The executives of Soo Kyung Chemical believe that an individual's life can be sustainable for the bright future of tomorrow based on the harmony with society and nature. The executives, walking the path of the “challenge for new things” promises the following:

First, Soo Kyung Chemical will listen to customers and practice reasonable humanism.

It is time for the advancement of technology to require human insight and rationality.

We know that technology development and growth are meaningful only when people are respected.

We will develop technology for people and engrave within the meaning and practice reasonable growth.

Second, Soo Kyung Chemical will become a better today than yesterday.

We will not neglect our efforts to research and development of new technologies and to expand the results domestically and globally.

We will become a company trusted by the customers and the society.

Third, Soo Kyung Chemical will focus on transparency, environment and safety management.

We will enhance our competitiveness with transparent management.

We will prevent accidents caused by using environmentally destructive materials and ignoring safety rules to reduce costs.

"Living is the endless start of making countless firsts."

Since the founding, we have treading on zealously.

We will continue to actively challenge and trade universally reasonable values.

We will be the executive who respects ourselves and strives for the growth of our lives.