Introduction to the R&D Center

Continuous challenges and efforts toward our goals: These are the driving force behind the R&D Center of Sookyung Chemical.

Established together with the expansion of our Pungse headquarters and plant in 2017, the R&D Center of Sookyung Chemical.  Aims to satisfy the increasingly specialized needs of high-profile clients. We have committed to achieving outstanding performance by securing excellent R&D personnel and making sustainable investments. As a result, we are recognized for supplying high-quality polyurethane systems, materials, and services in the domestic and international markets.


Construction (panel, board)

1) Intermittent and continuous PIR panels for interior and exterior use of buildings

2) PIR Board for building interior insulation

3) Insulation spray for refrigerated and frozen warehouses

4) Highly retardant (flame retardant, semi-non-flammable) spray


1) LNG Pipe Cover

2) LNG Pipe Support

3) LPGC, LEGC insulation spray

4) Spray for LNG fuel tank insulation


1) PIR Pipe Cover

2) PUR Pipe Support


1) Instrument panel

2) Sound Absorbance foam

3) Floor Carpet foam


1) EPS/Glass Wool Panel PU Adhesive

Research Chemical

Green hydrogen

1) PEM, Alkaline, AEM water electrolysis evaluation equipment and scale-up

2) PEM small-sized hydrogen production equipment

Blue hydrogen

1) Hydrogen production project using reforming reaction in progress

2) Hydrogen production project using ammonia cracking in progress 

Secondary battery

1) Development of conductive polymer prepolymer

2) Development of water-based binder