Soo Kyung Engineering

Introducing SKE

Soo Kyung Engineering is a subsidiary of Soo Kyung Chemical  a company specialized

in insulation construction established in 2011 to integrate SKC's raw material production and SKE's on-site

construction without an intermediate subcontracting contract.

Starting with the insulation construction of the freezer in the early days of its establishment, it has

entered the shipbuilding field from 2022.

The main performance is Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries' 86K LPGC (H8124/25/26) cargo tank spray and

we completed the construction of two Hyundai Heavy Industries 91K LPGCs (H3277/78) cargo tank spray in July 23

and the on-board insulation of two Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries 86K LPGCs (H8141/42) in September 23.

From 2024, when Hyundai Heavy Industries is registered, the company is planning to receive foam spray raw

materials from its parent company SKC and construct them in batches.

SKE's planned pipe insulation work will be carried out additionally, and Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore

Engineering's FSRU regas module pipe insulation and Hanwha Ocean's 174K LNGC's package unit insulation.

In addition, we are also operating on-shore plant pipe line insulation and the frozen distribution center

insulation construction volume that completes spray construction by applying semi-non-combustible materials

developed by SKC.

Although it is a latecomer in the thermal insulation industry, we will do our best to become one of the pillars of

the thermal insulation industry that encompasses shipbuilding and land based on cost competitiveness and

synergy effect by carrying out construction with its stock solutions in the future.

I. Company's Major Performance
1. LPGC Tank Spray(7ships)

2. Land Plant(Ethylene Rectifier, Demethanizer)

Ⅱ. Sales Volume
1. The Shipbuilding Sector
1) LPGC Tank Spray

2) VLAC Tank Spray

3) LCO2 Tank Spray

• LCO2(18K) Tank Config.

4) Pipe Insulation



2. Land Sector
1) Frozen Logistics Center & Office Building & Housing

2) Construction Site

3) Supply of Raw Materials and Insulation

Ⅲ. Key Certificates
1. Type Approval

2. ISO 9001
3. ISO 14001
Ⅳ. Key Eequipment
1. Foaming(5set)

2. Coating(3set)

Ⅴ. Our Competitiveness

Unlike other companies that purchase and construct raw materials from specific chemical companies, our company can reduce logistics costs by receiving and 

constructing spray stock solutions from its parent company, Soo Kyung Chemical (SKC), and operates ONE-STOP SYSTEM that can immediately perform A/S without distinguishing between raw materials and those responsible for construction when quality problems arise after completion of construction.

* Non-Conformity Treatment and Repair Procedure